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Broadcast Technical Services:

Commercial FM, Non-Commercial FM, Low Power FM (LPFM), Commercial AM, Non-Commercial AM, Commercial Television, Non-Commercial Television, LPTV, Broadcast Engineering, FCC License Applications... It's ALL part of what we know and do on a daily basis!

Allocation Study & Frequency Search

Often a station owner (or a prospective station owner) will need to know what area is available for the location of a transmitter site. As a result, an allocation study will be needed. / Broadcast Technical Services can produce either a tabular allocation study, an allocation study map, or both. This will give the station owner valuable information so that informed decisions can be made.

Antenna / Transmitter Site Design

So many times broadcasters neglect their antennas and transmitter sites, simply because they don't quite understand how they work, or how to correct or enhance their performance. / Broadcast Technical Services can have an RF engineer design an AM or FM antenna and transmitter system that can strengthen a station's signal in certain areas critical to the station's viability in the marketplace.

Directional Antenna Proof

If you run a directional AM, how long has it been since you had your antenna?

Occupied Spectrum Study

Contrary to what you may wish to believe, the FCC Rules do indeed still require that occupied spectrum measurements to be made annually.

Feasibility Study

What would you like to do with your signal that you can't already do? / Broadcast Technical Services can look into your hopes and advise you (from a technical standpoint) as to how much of these hopes may become reality.

Upgrade Study

Upon determining that your facility might actually be upgraded, / Broadcast Technical Services can initiate various methods of determining whether or not such upgrades would be financially, legally and technically viable.

FCC Application Preparation

Another of the core tasks performed by / Broadcast Technical Services . We can prepare all engineering exhibits and necessary documentation for broadcasters to make any changes in their operations. / Broadcast Technical Services has built a solid reputation before the Commission with thorough and accurate filings.

Site Acquisition / Broadcast Technical Services has the ability to go into the field and find the optimum site for your transmitter. If desired, / Broadcast Technical Services can negotiate face-to-face with property owners, zoning boards, concerned neighbors, and others who might have questions about the proposed construction of your new tower.

FAA Study / Broadcast Technical Services can perform an FAA analysis of your proposed site before any costly expenses are incurred. We will be able to tell the station owner what height the FAA will approve and how quickly he can expect approval. This often drives tower site selection as much or more than FCC limitations.

Customized Coverage Maps

Another key ingredient in upgrades. Allocation studies, projected coverage, etc. is a determination of what kind of coverage a newly designed facility will provide. / Broadcast Technical Services can custom design coverage maps [using the FCC F(50,50) contours as well as other various propagation models] to fit your needs and to allow you to make the best possible choices in your upgrade filings.

Population Coverage Study

Once the coverage map is complete, other valuable pieces of information we provide are details of the population that the station will cover and this population's demographic breakdown. This is vital information to the station's owner, programming director, and sales manager.

Ownership Concentration Study

Due to the FCC's recent ownership concentration rules, group owners are finding themselves needing new ownership concentration studies to prove compliance. / Broadcast Technical Services provides this service to some of the largest group owners in the nation.

Radio-Frequency Radiation Study / Broadcast Technical Services can perform detailed radio-frequency radiation (RFR) studies that determine the power density in the transmitter area of the site and verify it is within compliance with FCC guidelines.

Daily & Hourly Engineering Services

Various "hands on" engineering tasks do eventually need to be performed...