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Pre-Designed and Pre-Configured Broadcast Studio / Transmitter Site

Custom designed and constructed to your meet your specifications!

These is a photographs of one of our own studio setups as it is in the day to day operations of one of our own FM stations.

For years now, had designed and constructed pre-wired radio stations and studios for use in our own facilities. As a broadcast station owner, this has given us the unique ability to view the design and construction process not just as a designer and builder but also as an end-user. Because of this, we've developed methods for making complicated audio and RF installations and connections as simple as possible. In fact, we've made the assembly process so very simple that most installations can be assembled and setup as a fully functional pre-configured / pre-wired radio station without the assistance of a broadcast engineer at all!

Today, we're making it possible for you to order one of our pre-configured / pre-wired studio packages that we will customize to your specifications. A top of the line, high quality broadcast studio will be yours. Orders are usually filled in from four to six weeks with some variations as determined by your specific design requirements.

Our pre-configured / pre-wired studios can be custom designed for any use ranging from music intensive to talk-radio formats and they are equally suited to online (streaming) stations as well as to over the air broadcast stations!


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