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Who is Services?

Since 1977, / Broadcast Technical Services has served broadcasters by providing fast, efficient and effective engineering and management services. With more than thirty nine (39) years of experience in building and operating radio and television stations ranging from low power through full-power top market stations serving millions of people, our expertise also encompasses internet web design and PC operations. We are an ever expanding network of professional broadcast engineers with branch offices in several states. We are adding more branches as more qualified engineers become available.

Broadcast stations have to be managed to be kept operating efficiently and broadcast station maintenance, management and programming is a highly skilled and time-consuming business. In some ways it can be  compared to running a normal business; a constant battle with logistics, cost accounting, crewing standards, payrolls, coping with maintenance and differing regulations around the world. It can prove both disenchanting and enslaving to be tied to a desk when you could be out relaxing.

Professional broadcast station maintenance, management and programming has evolved to take care of  these problems and leave owners free to enjoy themselves. / Broadcast Technical Services has specialized in all aspects of application, design, construction, maintenance, management and programming of broadcast stations for many years.

Under the guidance of and with the collective experience within / Broadcast Technical Services, operating, maintaining and upgrading your station could become a fully pleasurable pastime. / Broadcast Technical Services provides a comprehensive maintenance and management service that meets the growing demands of both corporate and private clients. We offer practical, cost-effective, solutions that combine technical expertise and thorough professionalism with the personal touch.