97.9 Fox-FM, WJLQ


4433 North College Avenue

Jackson, Alabama 36545


(251) 265-3369

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Welcome to 97.9 Fox-FM, WJLQ! Jackson, Clarke County's & Washington County's Local FM Radio Station!!!

The Home of Classic Top-40 Hits for Our Community!!!

Jackson finally has a truly live & local, fun, mass-apeal FM radio station that always draws a huge crowd and reaches more of the people you want to reach (as a business) than any other local radio station! 

97.9 Fox-FM, WJLQ is a like a breath of fresh air on your radio as we refuse to participate in the programs that continue to remove local radio programming from our community and passing over control to "talent" located in cities far away from Jackson and Clarke & Washington Counties.

97.9 Fox-FM, WJLQ is proud to be a local radio station that local businessses can play for the entertainment of the general public without fear of offensive programming such as that broadcast on other stations.

With exception of brief newscasts and select syndicated programs unavailable to us locally, if you hear it on 97.9 Fox-FM, WJLQ, you can bet it's happening right here, within our community! If you ever want to test this, call another local radio station and request a song and ask to dedicate that song to someone and see what doesn't happen. Then, call us at (251) 265-3369 with your request and dedication!

97.9 Fox-FM, WJLQ began broadcasting from Jackson on December 1, 2014 and has, since that date, become (quite literally) "Jackson's ONLY truly live & local FM radio station".

We believe that Jackson deserves to have it's own local live & local FM radio station which doesn't rely on music and programming that is "piped-in" from "somewhere else" and we pledge to remain here in service to local businesses and residents who have come to expect programming and community service from our station that rivals national programming and is of a quality which cannot be approached by anyone else locally.

Information On Sponsorships On 97.9 Fox-FM:

Did you know that 97.9 Fox-FM, WJLQ is Jackson, Clarke & Washington Counties only truly local radio station?

Why waste thousands of your dollars advertising on out-of-town radio stations to reach an audience more than 50 miles away when those people will NEVER come to Jackson to visit your business? 97.9 Fox-FM, WJLQ can help you keep your ad money right here, in our local community!

Jackson's 97.9 Fox-FM, WJLQ attracts a large, loyal and, most importantly, LOCAL audience of our community members ranging in age from 25 to 65 years of age. These people are local shoppers and potential customers for your business. These people are also your friends and neighbors! Even better, we can get your message out to these local potential new customers much more effectively and economically than any other local media outlet.

97.9 Fox-FM, WJLQ has a selection of sponsorships that will easily fit any budget and will help make your business virtually a household word by virtue of the repetition available to you as one of our sponsors.)

For more information, call or text us at (251) 265-3369 or EMAIL US!!! (Remember to replace "(at)" with "@" in the actual email!)

We Want To Get YOU On The Air!!!

We want to put YOU on the air! Call us anytime at (251) 265-3369 and tell us what you think of Jacksons FM station - or anything else on your mind. The voicemail will record your message and we'll play it back on the air!

We invite you to use our "Comment Line" to:

  • Pass public service information on to our listeners.

  • Express your concerns and opinions.

  • List items (non-business) to buy, sell or trade.

  • Tell us what you think about Jackson's FM station!

We LOVE to hear from our listeners so, give us a call!!!