100.3 Fox-FM, WIZD


4433 North College Avenue

Jackson, Alabama 36545


(251) 265-3369

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Welcome to WorldWideFM.com / 100.3 Fox-FM!!!

Monroeville Finally Has A FUN, Mass-Appeal FM radio station that always draws a huge crowd and reaches more of the people you want to reach (as a business) than any other local radio station!

Monroeville, Alabama, at one time had three FM radio stations (including ours) licensed to operate from within the city. During the past several years, however, two of these three FM stations have chosen to forego service to the city of Monroeville in favor of moving to other (presumably more profitable) communities. This leaves our station, WIZD 100.3 Fox-FM, as the only FM radio station operating from and licensed to serve Monroeville, Alabama.

Although WIZD 100.3 Fox-FM has not ever undergone a change of ownership, it has changed a good bit since it's original inception during the summer of 2000. During these past five years, 100.3 Fox-FM has become (quite literally) "Monroeville's ONLY Real FM Radio Station". This, as the two other FM stations (formerly) in Monroeville have abandoned our community in the pursuit of more $$$ in other, larger, cities.

We believe that Monroeville deserves to have it's own local FM radio station and we pledge to remain here in service to local businesses and residents who have come to expect programming and community service from our station that wins awards globally and is rivaled by no other.

Information On Sponsorships On 100.3 Fox-FM:

Did you know that we are the only FM radio station that is licensed to EXCLUSIVELY serve the city of Monroeville, Monroe County and the surrounding communities?

Why waste thousands of your dollars advertising on out-of-town radio stations to reach an audience that will NEVER come to Monroeville to visit your business when you can keep your ad money right here, in the local community?

Monroeville's 100.3 Fox-FM attracts a large, loyal and, most importantly, LOCAL audience. These people are also your friends and neighbors!

100.3 Fox-FM has a selection of sponsorships that will easily fit ANY budget and will help make YOUR BUSINESS virtually "Recession Proof"!)

For more information, call (205) 265-1237 or EMAIL US!!! (Remember to replace "(at)" with "@" in the actual email!)

We Want To Get YOU On The Air!!!

We want to put YOU on the air! Call us anytime at (205) 578-TALK and tell us what you think of Monroevilles FM station - or anything else on your mind. The voicemail will record your message and we'll play it back on the air!

We invite you to use our "Comment Line" to:

  • Pass public service information on to our listeners.

  • Express your concerns and opinions.

  • List items (non-business) to buy, sell or trade.

  • Tell us what you think about Monroeville's FM station!

We LOVE to hear from our listeners so, give us a call!!!

If You Would Like To Have Your Business Mentioned On The Air...

Call us at (205) 265-1977!!!

We want to help your business survive during these trying financial times!

We've added a survey that will aid us in doing all that we can to promote trade within our local community and keep as much local money here, in Monroeville and it's surrounding communities, where it will do as much good as possible. Your money can't help our community survive if the first place you send it is Chicago, Illinois, or some other city in another state!

Click here to complete our survey and read more about our program.

Click Here For More Pics!

97.7 Fox-FM live at Monroeville Mall in October! More than 600 people turned out to participate and see us!

Live Picture: Downtown Monroeville, Alabama

Live Picture: Downtown Monroeville, Alabama
Live Picture: Downtown Monroeville, Alabama

Live Picture: Downtown Monroeville, Alabama