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This page features various companies who manufacture, distribute, service and sell transmitters, antennas, cables, microphones, consoles, etc. In short, anything in the way of equipment needed for a new LPFM Radio facility. By no means does this list intend to represent all the companies and distributors that are available to you. If you have a favorite, let us know and we'll see about adding their name to the list.

Audio Consoles:

  • Broadcast Supply Worldwide (BSW)

  • Logitek

  • Radio Systems

  • LPB, Inc.

  • Autogram, Inc.

  • Arrakis Systems, Inc.

Audio Processing:                                                 


  • Jampro

  • Broadcast Electronics

  • Phasetek

  • Scala Electronics

  • Shively Labs

  • Energy-Onix

Broadcast Equipment Vendors:

  • Giesler Broadcasting Supply

  • RF Specialties

  • Continental Electronics

  • Broadcast Supply Worldwide (BSW)

  • RDA Systems, Inc.

  • Broadcast Data.Com

  • Energy-Onix

Digital Audio Systems:

  • Scott Studios Corporation

  • SMARTS Broadcast System

  • Arrakis Systems, Inc.

EAS Equipment:

  • Gorman-Redlich, Inc.

  • TFT, Inc.


Telephone Equipment:

  • Comrex

  • Gentner

  • JK Audio



  • Continental Electronics

  • Crown Broadcast

  • Energy-Onix

  • LPB, Inc.

  • Tepco, Inc.

  • SBS (Broadcaster's General Store)

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